McNiell has over 20 years of investing and operational experience in Oil, Gas, Solar, Timber, Energy Infrastructure, and Industrial sectors. McNiell works closely with both public and private natural resource companies to help them achieve their strategic objectives. McNiell served as an employee of the Southern Ute Growth Fund and was instrumental in executing the Southern Ute Growth Plan working closely with the Council and the enterprises to develop the proper holding company structure, core strategy, and execution of the plan.

McNiell then worked with the Northern Ute Indian Tribe to organize, form, develop and execute the Ute Energy Company. This start-up entity was valued at over $500 million within 4 years and was eventually sold by the Tribe for approximately $800 million. McNiell has held senior management positions at Morgan Keegan and Company, Inc (SVP), Pritchard Capital (SVP), and Wunderlich Securities (Managing Director) in their natural resource divisions. McNiell is the current chairman of SR Energy Partners, a private equity and turnaround management firm with offices in Denver, Houston, and Memphis.